History and origins of micropigmentation

It seems a good way to start our blog going back to the origins of micropigmentation. What today is clearly specialized and professional sector has gone through a long and interesting evolution to reach what it has become.

The origins of micropigmentation are found in the ancient tattooing technique, which have led to different work methodologies, products, accessories and appliances.

During decades, it was popularly that this ancient art was born in China. However, some findings and research conducted in recent decades put the theory into question.

The tattoo or evidence of the first tattoo was found almost 8,000 years before Christ. It is believed that the technique, probably, was used with mystical or religious purposes. This is the earliest evidence, but subsequently, other evidences of use of the tattoo art were found in almost all civilizations and geographic areas.

The Romans, for example, performed tattoos on people accused of sacrilege. There are over 4000 year-old mummies showing that in ancient Egypt the tattoo linked to erotic and sensual purposes. The Incas and Mayans also performed tattoos from about 2000 BC. In Japan, tattoos were used for emperors as embellishments and later on, for prisoners. Buddhists also tattooed themselves since time immemorial, etc.

The explorers Bans and Cook were the discoverers of the art of tattooing in the eighteenth century, introducing the technique in the Western World.

Introducing now into cosmetics purposes or alternatives to makeup, especially in eyebrows, eyes and lips applications, was in California and Taiwan where bursted forth this trend and; we could say that the cradles of what is now a days the micropigmentation.
But there were some differences on applications due to geography influences. In the United States the trend stood up for what is known as “cosmetic tattooing”; while in Taiwan started a whole parallel industry of innovation and development in pigments and specific tools.

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The gateway to Europe of “permanent makeup ” was France. The trend reached the Gallic country in the early 80’s, being a pioneer in applications in beauty treatments. They developed a small range of pigments in different shades and, then spread to the rest of Europe; evolving into what it has become today, an esthetic specialty with the purpose of amending, modifying, beautifying and balancing, semi-permanently, certain facial or body features through the implantation of epidermal pigment; giving color and shape to specific parts of the body.

To understand the present and our habits, it is important to have knowledge of the origins and traditions in the past. We hope that this information will help you understand and learn more about micropigmentation and, how or in which cases could serve or help.