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Mammary Areolas

With 3D effects, the textures and nerve endings of the skin are simulated in great detail.

The technique of reconstruction of mammary areolas has improved dramatically with 3d effects, which simulate in great detail the nerve endings and texture.

This technique is applied at the aesthetic or medical level, according to each need, achieving naturalness and very beneficial effects physically and psychologically.


  • Areola simple or periareolar
  • Transaerolar Areola
  • Cannula Scar
  • Transverse scar
  • Areola color
  • Reconstruction of areola and / or nipple
  • Double breast reconstruction


Tratamiento Oncologico
Tratamiento Oncologico
Reconstruction double areola and scar camouflage
Tratamiento Oncologico
Tratamiento Oncologico
Areola color and periaroid and transareolar scar
Tratamiento Oncologico
Tratamiento Oncologico
Scar cannula and areola color for symmetry

Within the oncological micropigmentation there are other treatments, such as the optical repopulation of eyebrows and eyelashes. These are treatments applicable to both men and women, of any age, who suffer from any type of cancer and who are going to be treated with chemotherapy.

This micropigmentation technique helps them to feel comfortable and optimistic, since the optical repopulation of hair on eyebrows and eyelashes is achieved, giving expressiveness and facial balance.

Thus, with facial micropigmentation, the patient will maintain an appearance of aesthetic normality throughout the recovery process, achieving intimacy and self-esteem and thereby improving their willingness to face their treatment successfully.

Our company collaborates with different oncology associations nationally and internationally.


  • Color in the hue of the lip
  • Reconstruction of eyebrows
  • Filling tabs


Oncological Treatment
Oncological Treatment
Strengthen, comfort and give light to facial features
Eyebrows, eyelash filling and lip tones
Simple Scar € 490
Double periareolar € 590
Oncology starting € 1200
Double oncological areola (from) € 790
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