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Esther Calero Poveda

She's one of the national and international experts with recognized prestige in the paramedical/micropigmentation/antiaging sector.

A hobby turned into passion gave as a result 20 years of work, specialization, formation and experience in the medical-aesthetic world.

In the year 1998, thanks to the family tradition in the medical aesthetic sector and her high artistic quality, sensitivity and hability for the small details, she was guided to study the newly arrived technique, at that moment, in Spain. She was one of the first professionals who worked in collaborations with companies of the sector and imparted formations in schools in differents parts of Spain.

She specialized in the best national and international schools of micropigmentation where she acquired the best of each of them at the level of discipline, cosmetology and appliances.

She has a degree in aesthetic and artistic makeup (practicing in cinema and catwalks), anatomy, physiology, morphology, pigmentology, technical methodology, visagism and characterization. Certificate in Belle Medical analysis, and Medicalcontrol-psicological. Parademical and antiaging techniques with sanitary hygienic qualification Exp 20-2004.13, november 2004 edition.

She is an instructor of advanced paramedical techniques of micropigmentation, capillary (Germany), and anti-age trainer in facial and body age reverse (Belgium).

She has won several micropigmentation contests in Spain.

Currently, she applies her own technique and protocol, differentiating herself from the competition by applying different devices, pigments, tools and the latest technologies according to the needs of the patient in order to obtain the best result.

She has specialized in facial-body and paramedical-oncological reconstruction treatments, collaborating with different cancer fighting associations and oncology units in prestigious hospitals at an international level.

She collaborates with the Association of battered women of Mexico.

She has an extensive network of collaborating centers, working with the best clinics and the most select centers. She provides her clients with confidence, safety and guarantee in the results of her treatments. Naturality, balance and well-being is the objective. The constant evolution of micropigmentation requires full dedication, experience and perseverance to be updated in information and training.

For this she regularly travels to the US and European countries and collaborates with various magazines in the sector.