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Micropigmentation is the implantation of pigments in the epidermis with the objective to embellish, correct and highlight facial and body features .

With this technique of immediate and painless effect and doing a previous study of the morphology, bone and muscle structure, age, psychological aspects and type of life a natural, elegant result is obtained and without artifices, adapted to each patient.

The duration of this treatment is 2 to 5 years depending on the profile, pigment and skin type.


Micropigmentation allows you to highlight and rejuvenate the best of each person.

To bathe in the beach, to practice sport, recently lifted, in the privacy ... To be the 24h of the day fixed is possible for any situation and surroundings.


Save time in the mornings and leave home with an impeccable look.

You will have the security of an image taken care of, arranged and rested at any time, even in case of unexpected visits.


You will have a guide design for special occasions.

It is ideal for people with difficulty makeup, with allergies to makeup, for reasons of vision, weak pulse or older people who do not want to give up caring for their image without needing help.


Elegant in the most intimate moments, as freshly made up even in the shortest distances.


Corrects physical defects that can produce psychological discomfort such as alopecia (lack of hair on eyebrows, eyelashes or scalp), cleft lip, burned skin, vitiligo, breast reconstructions, etc.


Treatments of last generation when you do not want to resort to invasive surgery.