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/ Hygiene and security

Strict quality controls
During all phases of the process, the safety, quality and hygiene of all the intrinsic and extrinsic elements of the process are prioritized, isolating external elements such as microorganisms. mutagenic (bacteria, fungi, cells, etc.) and viruses throughout the area of ​​action.

This demanding control together with the professionalism and experience of our team guarantees full satisfaction in all fields of action.

/ Instrumental

Specific care
The use of highly accurate equipment or devices reduces the sensation of discomfort, guarantees a shorter implantation time and produces a very rapid regeneration of the skin in the treated area.

To prevent the exchange of fluids between clients, dermographs and cables are protected with disposable covers (R.D.414 / 96).

We use disposable sterilized pigments and sterilized applicators packaged and sealed until their use, whose regulations are governed by the sanitary laws (1599/1997, additional provision 2 of the royal decree) as well as a tray of hygienic treatment and also disposable of a single use, which allows an area optimized for our purpose.

To avoid cross-contamination, it is designed directly with the pigment, using a sterile designer, a pigment container and disposable pipettes.

These products are single doses with health authorization registration (RD.1599 / 1997)

The pigments must be registered in the general direction of pharmacy and health products and comply with the provisions of RD 414/1996 regarding health products, caps, gowns, peucos are mandatory for the client and the professional must also be equipped with surgical gloves, mask and eye protector.

Once the treatment is finished, the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization protocol of the instruments and furniture should be followed.