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The development of micropigmentation in aesthetic and medical centers has been spectacular in the last decade. We offer the best service so that your center wins in image and is up to date in terms of technical innovations with the most current treatments and products.

/ History and Business Concept
MICROPOGMENTALIA: is an innovative company framed in the beauty sector that combines different aesthetic and paramedical disciplines.

Its products stand out for their quality, modernity and dedication. With the training of the best technicians in the sector at a national and international level. To this is added the public reception and the interest of individuals in this idea of business, micropigmentation today is in beauty tops and so it will continue if it is used with the correct techniques and materials.

Micropigmentalia has treatments and beauty products among which we can differentiate:
facial : eyebrows, eyes, and lips, male
capillary : density for women and tricopigmentation for men,
Oncology : mammary areolas, reconstruction, aesthetic and facial
dermatological : scars, stretch marks, burned skin, vitiligo, dark circles, freckles etc.
antiaging : hyperpigmentation, blepharoplasty without surgery and non-surgical facelift.

Micropigmentalia conducts initial training courses in our halls to convey the philosophy of the brand, know the product, system and improve sales techniques and advanced techniques at an international level.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Through social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest google and Youtube, users and potential buyers have access to images and information of the new products of publications in the press etc.
If you want to be one of our franchisees or ask for more information about our franchise model, leave us your information and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

- Know how to do
- Brand image
- Profitability
- Easy management
- Turnkey model
- Business experience
- Interior care
- Quality
- Marketing


The demand for micropigmentation in medical-aesthetic centers, hospitals, hairdressers, spas, associations, etc. It has been spectacular in recent years. It is important to have qualified personnel, dedicated exclusively to the technique and above all, with experience in the application of appropriate instruments and pigments, according to the need of each patient and according to the latest regulations. The advantage of the center is to be able to offer an exclusive service, continually renewed with the different international advances, current treatments and, above all, satisfactory, in order to generate trust in the clients that produce more customers at the same time. Security and tranquility is transmitted in all aspects.

- Offer micropigmentation with all its specialties and techniques.
- Ensure optimal results and security in the protocol with MAXIMUM QUALITY PRODUCTS AND LAST TECHNOLOGIES.
- Legal coverage and international updates.
- Profitability and optimal and continuous source of income.

- Collaboration contract: products, legal coverage conditions (center, client and professional), data protection.
- Technical training to advise properly and have good coordination.
- Marketing: Mailing, corporate material, magazines, leaflets, plotters, dissemination in social networks and media and intelligent technology

- Advise of the possible treatments to be carried out: aesthetic, paramedical and antiaging informing about the safety of the treatment (pigments aparatología, installations, professional and antiaging) and of the importance of NATURALITY. MICRO IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MAKEUP.